Short answer

We need that permission to enable your board to access data from different providers (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Gmail). Startboard does not request any additional data other than the one that are visible on your board. That means we don’t read data from other tabs/windows.

Long answer

Startboard needs several additional permissions to do things that are otherwise impossible to do for a normal web page. We keep improving Startboard so it will be more and more secure, and in the future we might reduce the need for some permissions that are currently in use, which consists of:

Access data from all website: Normal web page can only access data from it’s own domain, but Startboard main function is to combine different data from different providers in one page. This means we need to have permission to do cross-domain request from Startboard page.

Unsafe-eval script: The only time eval is used is inside the requireJS text plugin. We need it so that we can import assets from local indexedDB. We never use eval to process outside data. We need to load assets from database instead of simple file because we want to make it easy for our users to download / install new widgets from Startboard server. Since currently browser extensions are unable to write to a local filesystem, the only way is to save assets in a local database and eval them afterwards.

Cookies access: By default browser send cookies in subsequent requests to the same domain. Since we want to enable multi-login for the same account, we need access to browser cookies so that it’s possible to login using several different accounts in the same page (e.g. checking multiple Gmail accounts from the same board).

No more service disruption

With recent backlash against the closing of popular web portal, we get why people really becomes angry about it. We get that through time, opening your startpage becomes part of your daily routine, and your main way of getting information. With Startboard, there is no remote service, the page is located inside your own computer. So even when Startboard ceased to operate (though we really hope not), you can still use it.

Maximum Privacy

Your page is completely personal for you. All data is saved inside your computer, and is never shared to external party, including Startboard server itself. This means that you never have to expose any sensitive data (password, email, etc) to third party. Nobody else can have access to your data unless you allow them to physically use your computer.

Faster Access

Since all data is saved inside your computer, you won’t have problems even in remote areas where internet connection is limited. Startboard caches the last retrieved information, so you can still open your page wherever you are.