Getting Started With Startboard

This guide will help you familiarize with some functionalities of Startboard. If you have more specific questions or development ideas, please don't hesitate to contact us.
Startboard is still in a beta period, so we really appreciate any feedbacks. Help us improve our product by sending your ideas, request, or support to our product forum.

What is Startboard ?

Startboard supercharges your web browser to help you see the most relevant information in a single page. With Startboard, you don't have to repeat mundane tasks like opening multiple tabs, login to multiple accounts, just to check your emails, weather info, news, etc. It's all available for you when you open your tabs.


Installing Startboard is very straight forward. Just click the install link in our main site to download the extension and you're set (Otherwise you can also get it from Chrome Webstore. The next time you open your new tab, you will see that your default new tab page is changed into Startboard.

Your Initial Board

The very first time that you Open a New Tab after installing Startboard, it will set up your initial board automatically. Once the process is finished, you should see the following page.

If you can see that page, Congratulation! You've successfully installed Startboard. Now play around and customize your own page.

Install New Widgets

To install new widget, Simply click on Arrange Board menu. You will see a list of widget that you can install to your board. To install it, simply drag drop it to your board. Currently Startboard comes with limited sets of widgets. We're planning to release sets of premium widgets in the near future. Let us know what kind of widgets you would like to see inside your board. We want to bring you beautiful and useful widgets that will increase your productivity.

Move Widgets

Simply click on Arrange Board menu and then drag the widgets that you want to move. When you move a widget on top of an installed widgets, those widgets will move aside to give space for your dragged widgets.

Note: You can only drag widgets once you click on Arrange Board menu. This is to prevent unwanted/accidental movement of widgets.

Change Themes

Currently Startboard comes with a set of predefined color schemes. To access it, click on PreferencesTheme. Select any theme from the dropdown menu, and you will see automatically the color change.
Changing Individual Widgets Appearance
Some individual widgets also come with variety of appearance, to select it, simply click on individual menu button in each widgets, and select Appearance menu.

Using Startboard

Basic Layout

Startboard comes with default grid themes. The basic page consists of 8x4 grid that scale according to browser window size, with each individual widgets that can span several horizontal / vertical grids.

This layout is designed to fit modern monitor size, while at the same time maximizing the number of widgets you can see in a single screen. However, you are not limited to install only 32 widgets, you can use the space to the right or bottom of initial screen in case you run out of space. That means you can install unlimited number of widgets in your page.

We will also support multiple pages so you can switch between different pages and easily manage them without the need to scroll.
Typing anything while Startboard is open will automatically open the search widget. The search widget works like normal search, plus additional functionalities. Currently you can use !bang shortcut as defined here directly from your browser (no DDG redirection). This means you can directly switch the search engine easily. For example typing "ipod !ebay" (note the exclamation mark) will directly go to Ebay to search for iPod, while typing "!amazon Harry Potter" will bring you to Amazon to look for Harry Potter.
Currently we have around 3500+ search shortcuts available inside Startboard.

Submit Your Idea

Startboard is still in the beta period, and we really appreciate any feedbacks on how to improve our product. Our short term plans is to integrate premium and social widgets before our launch. Let us know your opinion through our feedback page
Let us know your feedback in our product forum.


To uninstall Startboard, you can simply follow the instruction from your browser on how to uninstall browser extension. Please note that by uninstalling Startboard, you will lose all widgets content and preferences that you have created.

for Chrome users: Uninstall Chrome Extensions
for Firefox users: Uninstall Firefox Add-Ons

If you have time, let us know why you decided to uninstall Startboard so we can improve our product.